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Womens Premium

Vit 31.94kr Färger 38.00kr
Produktkod: GD009


The women's Gildan premium is not just for any old girl. This is the one you give to the girl who really means something to you. The one that stole your heart. Let all the others have softstyle but your premium sweetheart, she should wear nothing less than the Gildan premium tee. Please note that the price displayed is ex VAT and pre printing charges .


  • Taped neck and shoulders
  • Stylish tapered fit/side seams
  • These fit small to size, please take a size up
  • No top stitching

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Premium 31.94kr/38.00kr
Womens Premium 31.94kr/38.00kr
Valueweight 24.78kr/28.08kr
Creator 55.07kr/60.57kr

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Stanley Stella Womens Premium
kod: GD009

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